For transit providers

Accelerate IPv6 adoption and earn a little money in the process:

  1. Provision 1-3 (virtual) hosts for NAT64 gateways
  2. Tell me which IP ranges your customers pay transit for
  3. Get sent only profitable traffic

System administration performed remotely by me to keep your maintenance costs minimal.

I consider transit networks to be the ideal location for NAT64 gateways. Traffic through a NAT64 should mainly be routed between IPv6-only and IPv4-only networks, and as such I expect the majority of it to be routed through some transit network anyway.

A NAT64 hosted by a transit provider can be located near the most direct path between client and server. This means savings on infrastructure compared to a NAT64 located in a third-party network and lower end-to-end latency.

I offer to manage NAT64 gateways on transit networks for those transit providers who don't want to manage NAT64 gateways themselves.

My public DNS64 servers will only use prefixes for NAT64 gateways operated by myself. When operating DNS64 servers for individual ISPs I will include both NAT64 gateways operated by myself as well as any additional NAT64 prefixes that ISP wants me to include such as NAT64 gateways operated by themselves or their transit providers.

Reasons for a transit provider to host NAT64 gateways

For a transit provider this is a service to your customers. When transit providers host NAT64 gateways it will be feasible for ISPs to run their own network entirely IPv6-only. This is important to ISPs who want to simplify their network and to ISPs who have no IPv4 addresses at all.

The NAT64 gateways a transit provider hosts will attract more traffic to their network, which can be a source of revenue.

Requirements and conditions for a NAT64 operated by me

Each NAT64 is hosted on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine (physical or virtual). This machine is provided by the transit provider and I will have root access using ssh keys.

Any administrative tasks which can be performed remotely are performed by me. Any administrative tasks which require physical access are performed by the transit provider.

The machine must be using an AMD64 or compatible CPU and be equipped with at least 1GB of RAM and 10GB of disk.

The machine must have a routed IPv6 prefix /64 or shorter. Additionally one public IPv4 address must be available for the NAT64 software to use on an Ethernet interface.

The NAT64 must be public meaning all IPv6 ranges are allowed to communicate with it. No packet filtering is to be performed other than what the NAT64 does.

The transit provider bears all expenses for network and hosting. If the transit provider makes a profit from traffic routed through the NAT64 they agree to pay me 14% of that profit.

I make no promises about the amount of traffic which will be routed through a NAT64 in the pool. Transit providers are welcome to contact me if they'd like me to operate a NAT64 gateway that they host.

I will contact transit providers by email when one of their existing customers intents to use NAT64 gateways operated by me and provides me with contact information for their transit provider. Under such circumstances I will also share traffic estimates from the customer with the transit provider.