I aim to keep this NAT64+DNS64 service as useful as possible. By my own measurements I am doing a good job at that. However I also understand that not everyone have the same needs so possibly some users will find other providers more suitable.

The primary goal of this service is to make IPv6 as useful as possible. I believe I do that best by letting users make their own informed choice between available providers. Here is the list of all public NAT64 and DNS64 providers known to me.

Provider DNS64 NAT64 Redundancy DNS64 addresses NAT64 prefixes
nat64.net 4 4
Dresel 2 3
Trex 2 2
August Internet 2 1
Go6lab 4 4
Tuxis 1 1
level66 1 1
P2P NAT64 3 variable
Google 2 0
Cloudflare 2 0

In this table redundancy means the provider has redundant DNS64 instances providing addresses in redundant NAT64 infrastructure. Both DNS64 and NAT64 must have multi-site redundancy to qualify.

The providers with DNS64 and no NAT64 use the well-known prefix such that you can use the public DNS64 with your own NAT64. This will not work if your NAT64 is using a different prefix or if you do not have a NAT64.

Currently I know of no provider with only NAT64 and no DNS64. However that does not prevent you from using your own DNS64 together with any of the public NAT64 providers. Using your own DNS64 it is even possible to have failover between multiple NAT64 providers - even mixing public and private NAT64s.

If you find any outdated information on this page you are welcome to contact me with updated information. I will only include information which I am able to verify myself by communicating with the respective DNS64 and NAT64 instances.